Free Facebook Ad Templates

Free High Converting Facebook Ad Templates

If you do any Facebook advertising, you know creating those FB ads can be a pain.Facebook-ad-templates

Plus, if you aren’t a graphic designer and don’t have an “eye” for design (like me), you need help.

Today I am giving you access to 50 high converting FB ad templates, to help make your ad creation a whole lot easier.

These are tested, high converting Facebook templates. You can easily modify these without any special software, and no graphic design experience is needed.

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Free YouTube Marketing Ebook

Free YouTube Marketing Ebook

Are you currently using YouTube to generate traffic online?

If not, you should take a close look at it. This Free YouTube Marketing Ebook will start you off on the right track.

Video is ALL the rage online, and YouTube is just getting bigger.

As you may already know, Google owns YouTube.

Do you think Google would have invested $1.65 Billion in YouTube if they didn’t expect to get a positive return on that investment?

Of course not…

Although YouTube solely focuses on videos, it’s the 2nd LARGEST search engine online… next to big brother, Google, of course.

If you’re doing any sort of online marketing, you really need to have YouTube included in your overall marketing strategy. By simply taking advantage of a few of YouTube’s FREE features, you can get traffic from YouTube AND get better results from your social media and search marketing… if you know how to connect all of it.

Although YouTube does have a paid ads platform that works really well, you can generate a ton of free traffic with YouTube… if you know what you’re doing…

Others are already out there KILLING it with YouTube… Are you ready to get your piece of YouTube pie?

If so, please pay attention…youtube-marketing-ebook

First, let’s talk about…

Why YouTube Is Huge Right Now…

Although Often Overlooked, Youtube Is One Of The Most (If The Not THE Most) Powerful Ways To Generate Traffic Online.

Youtube Is The 2nd BIGGEST Search Engine On The Entire Internet.

Youtube Has Over 1 Billion Users With Hundreds Of Millions Of Hours Of Youtube Videos Being Watched Daily.

Engagement On Youtube Is MASSIVE, And Growing, With A 60% Year Over Year Increase In The Number Of Hours People Spend Watching Video.

Youtube Has Local Versions In More Than 70 Countries Worldwide.

Youtube Caters To Over 95% Of The Internet Population By Allowing Navigation In 76 Different Languages.

Inside This FREE Step-By-Step Guide To Success
With YouTube, You’ll Discover…

How to get started even if you’ve never made a video or logged into YouTube in your entire life…

How to leverage the power of YouTube to build your brand and build a following of loyal subscribers that will turn into paying customers…

The power of viral videos and examples that show how others have used viral videos to generate massive traffic and get sales…

Already have an online marketing strategy? No problem… you’ll learn how to integrate YouTube into your current strategy and see 2X or even 3X the results with just a few clicks of your mouse.

How to decide what types of videos to create and post… even if you’re completely new to creating video content.

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Don’t want to create video content? No problem… this simple trick will allow you to get started without ever making a video…

The fastest way to create a professional looking video WITHOUT a video camera… using this simple method, you can get started today, even if you don’t have any high-tech equipment…

Do you want to make your own videos? If so, you’ll EXACTLY what equipment works the best… you may be surprised to discover you already have EVERYTHING you need to start shooting videos today!

The 3-step process to creating video content that you must follow if you want to create a video that gets views… skip any one of these 3 simple steps and you’ll fail miserably…
The cheap and easy-to-use video editing software that will make getting started MUCH easier and prevent you from spinning your wheels and breaking the bank!

The best way to title your videos to get more views on YouTube… do this wrong and you’ll miss out on a lot of FREE traffic…

The 6 crucial settings you must pay attention to when you’re setting your YouTube profile up… do this right, and you’ll go viral in no time…

YouTube SEO revealed… How to get the search engines to skyrocket your video to the TOP… this can mean hundreds or even thousands of FREE visitors every single day.

The 3 most important optimization tips you must follow when posting your videos on YouTube if you want to maximize your chances at getting tons of free traffic…

How to interact with your growing YouTube fan base so they will share everything you release…

Want to skip the process of building a following? No problem… The included YouTube ads training will show you EXACTLY what to do to start seeing results today!

When to use YouTube advertising, and when it’s likely a waste of money… if you don’t pay attention to this you could lose a lot of money…
Why sometimes it’s better to NOT use YouTube’s ads…

How to maximize your ROI with YouTube paid ads to ensure you profit every time you run an ad…

Plus, a whole lot more

You don’t need to pay a small fortune, or even anything, to get started with youTube marketing. This Free youTube Marketing Ebook will get you started on the right trick.

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If You Are Attempting To Monetize Your Website Below Are A Few Tips

In Case You Are Attempting To Monetize Your Website Below Are A Few Tips

Some of you know this but if you want to make the most money from your site you’ll want more ways than one to make money. This really is one of the massive things that most of the so named Guru’s never explain. Usually you are told to use an affiliate product or maybe use Adsense, but normally they tell you to make use of one or the other. Some men and women have been very successful using these techniques, but you will quickly realize that this is not the best way to profit from your website. Fortunately, we will explain a couple of ways that it will be possible to earn more money with the same work.

One of the large things that lots of people really don’t use is Google Adsense. It is widely believed that if your Internet site isn’t getting at least one thousand visitors every day it is not worth adding this to your site. However, if you look at it like this, lets say your site gets enough traffic to make you just one dollar every day. Even though one dollar each day only works out to about $30 on a monthly basis, this is still some extra money. The best part about Adsense is that you simply need to set the ads up once and not touch them again. So for about 10 minutes work, you can be generating $30 a month each month for as long as you have that site up on the web.

Not to mention you should additionally be using clickbank as you can make really good money by advertising products related to your websites niche. All you have to do is get a free account at clickbank and then choose a product related to your website and add a banner pointing to your affiliate link. If you do this once for every site you set up, you’ll be able to make pretty good money. Many of the programs that you find in clickbank will even end up paying you 75% for each and every sale your website gets for them. So 1 sale a week can end up being another $30 for each sale or $120 a month.

Something else entirely that nobody ever thinks about is selling advertising space. For each and every banner space that folks rent out you may realize that you can make $20 to $30 a month or even more depending on the amount of visitors your site gets. Make sure that before you accept the advertising, the product fits your site content. This way you will be linking to a site that pertains to yours. And you can in addition end up renting out advertising space to much more than one person, which will double or perhaps even triple the money you’re making.

This is only the money you can make from one website with a decent amount of traffic. If you were to keep establishing more websites like this one you’ll be able to continually keep boosting your income. The point is you can generate profits by monetizing your site adequately and then just keep replicating your success again and again on other sites.

Exactly Who Your Site Links To Matters

Exactly Who Your Site Links To Matters

If you’d like to get top website positioning your Internet site will be evaluated on a number of aspects. One thing that most folks already know is that they have to have their web page keyword optimized. One more thing most of you are mindful of is that you must have a lot of links pointing back to your site from other sites. However in this post we are going to be speaking about why who you link to will also make a difference for your search engine rankings and also pagerank.

There are numerous factors used by Google to determine a websites position and while some are well known there are many that are not. One of several aspects that are known is that depending on what web pages your site links to could have a good or bad effect on how well your web page is listed in the results. Let me explain how this works. Lets just say that you have a link on your web page pointing to a web page that Google has banned from their results. Google sends crawlers to Internet sites all the time and when they realize that you’ve got a link directing to a website that they consider is a poor site they may think that your website is endorsing that website. This will definitely hurt your page ranking and your search engine placement, that is if Google doesn’t make a decision to ban your website just for linking to a website that they have previously banned.

However this additionally works the other way around. While this is pretty much well known, I actually went out and put this to the test. Every time I added a good link to a website that Google likes, I found that in a small amount of time my website would receive better rankings. There was no set boost, as some sites would move only a couple of placements while other sites would jump pages at one time.

The quickest way to do this is to simply embed a link from a You Tube video right into your site. Using this method not only are you setting up a link to You Tube a website that Google owns, but you are also adding video to your content which Google also loves. And on some sites I would simply build a hyperlink in the text that would link the phrase “Google” to the Google homepage. If you add these things to your Internet sites, within a week or so you really should notice a boost in your search positions.

Another thing you won’t want to forget about is that linking to poor Internet sites can hurt your rankings. When anybody ever wants to exchange links with you, the very first thing you will want to do is to check if that website is indexed in Google. If the web page is not listed, there could be a reason, for instance Google removed them from there searches. This may on the other hand not be the reason why, because if this site is a new site it will be possible that Google just hasn’t found the website yet. But what ever the actual reason they are not listed, that isn’t going to be a link which will do you any good anyway, as Google is not going to even know about it.

What exactly is a Website Rotator Script?

One of my favorite marketing tools, is a website rotator. What is a website rotator script? A website rotation script is a gadget that enables you to direct customers to a particular link, and the software then rotates to a totally different destination URL with every visit.

What is a Website Rotator Script?

One of my favorite marketing tools, is a website rotator.

What is a website rotator script? A website rotation script is a gadget that enables you to direct customers to a particular link, and the software then rotates to a totally different destination URL with every visit.

For instance, you distribute people to a certain web page link, such as . Upon every single visit you will observe some other web page is viewed in sequence:

Link1 –

Link2 –

Link3 –

Link4 –

Link5 –

Link1 –

Link2 –


Precisely why might you like to rotate urls?

I came across the need to rotate sites when I desired to put together an product promotion co-op. I wanted to gather a pool of cash for online advertising, to obtain a cheaper rate.

Each individual member who participated in the co-op, gave me a fee for each advertising position. Afterward, I would point visitors through the web-site traffic resource to the rotator link, and every coop member would end up getting potential prospects to his or her business web page.

After looking for a traffic rotation piece of software, I could not locate a script which did precisely what I wanted to do. I did discover a service that would get it done for me, sadly there was a monthly charge linked to the provider. I did not plan to give a month to month fee, so I began trying to find a rotation piece of software.

Almost all link rotator scripts which I encountered were found to be random web site rotating scripts. In theory, when you have plenty of website visitors, every single link in a random rotator script should really end up with around the equivalent number of views.

However, I needed to be sure that every coop member would get the exact same volume of views, and the only way to do this is with a sequential website rotating piece of software.

For that reason, I made a decision to design a script that could do everything that I wanted it to do. The HomeBizRotator website rotator software was born.

The rotating software would be just the thing I desired for a co-op website rotator, and has performed perfectly.

I very quickly identified other uses for the link rotator script for other marketing purposes.

You can learn more about the URL rotator uses at

One Week Marketing Plan

I just got done reading the OneWeekMarketing plan, and liked it so much I had to tell you about it. I don’t usually write about affiliate products on this blog, but I know some of you could really use this information.

I just got done reading the OneWeekMarketing plan, and liked it so much I had to tell you about it.  I don’t usually write about affiliate products on this blog, but I know some of you could really use this information.

If you need a paint by brush system to help you stay focused and on track, this is for you.

This is a weekly marketing plan for building online assets, that steadily increase your income.

A lot of internet marketers fail, because they jump from the latest thing to the next latest thing, and try a little bit of everything to make money online.  They never really stick with anything long enough for it to pay off.  This product can help you steadily build income generating web properties.

The product leads you through a process of building and promoting one web property per week.

Think about it, let’s say you build an asset a week, for 40 weeks out of the year.  You could then have 40 business assets by this time next year.  Let’s say each asset brings in $200 per month (1 sale every 3 days at $20 each – 10 x $20 = $200 per month).  These are realistic, if not conservative, numbers.

After your first year those 40 web assets could be earning you $8000 per month ($200 per month x 40 assets = $8000).

That sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

The problem is most people don’t know how to go about building those online assets, and others don’t have the discipline to stick to a weekly business building plan.

That’s why I really like the One Week Marketing Plan.  The author, also known as the “Potpie Girl”, details the steps you need to do each day of the week, to build one business asset that you can earn from over and over.

Here is what is included in the OneWeekMarketing guide.

The OneWeekMarketing plan includes a detailed 65 page guide that goes through everything you need to do in detail.

The One Week Marketing Action Summary, takes the OWM guide and breaks it down into daily step-by-step, easy-to-accomplish goals, that way you never feel overwhelmed.

The OneWeekMarketing Mind Maps are great for those who need a visual representation of the one week plan.

A weekly checklist that steps you through the activities you need to accomplish for that day.  Follow the check list, and check off each step as you go, to give yourself a sense of accomplishment, helping you to stay on track.

If you need a weekly marketing plan, that can be implemented for free, you need to click here and check out the OneWeekMarketing Guide.

Create A Money Making Blog

As I was getting ready to create a new blog the other day, I was thinking – is it really possible to create a money making blog today?

As I was getting ready to create a new blog the other day, I was thinking – is it really possible to create a money making blog today?

Of course, I know it’s possible to create a money making blog, but what I’m talking about is a “big money” making blog.  With all the blogging competition today, in every imaginable category, can someone really create a blog today that can bring in 5 figure incomes each month.

Or, is the blogosphere diluted so much, that money that would have been earned on a high traffic blog a few years, is now spread out among several blogs on similar topics?

For example, if you do a Google search on the phrase “make money blog”, including the quotes for the exact match, 2,550,000 results are returned.  A number of years ago you may have been able to create a blog using that term and been ranked high in Google and could have made some good money.

Today, it would be foolish to create a blog using those terms because it would be nearly impossible to get ranked well enough to have any success.

I think it is still possible to create a big money making blog today, but I think it would be much, much more difficult today, than it was a few years ago.  You would have to find a hidden golden nugget niche that had a lot of traffic and relatively little competition.  Do those niches still exist?

Today it seems that most marketers, who are trying to make money blogging, are building a number of niche blogs, using long tail keywords.  The theory being if you can build a large number of niche blogs, each making a few dollars a day, you can make a nice blogging income.

But, can you update a large number of blogs often enough to keep them up to date, without using others people’s content?  Or, do you use other people’s content and throw some of your own content in once in a while?

It has become much more difficult to create a money making blog that earns big money.  I just hope there are still some of those golden nuggets out there and hope I find one 🙂


I Have Been A Bad Blogger and Tweeter

If you have visited my blog for the last few months, you will notice a lot of blog posts titled “What I did this week!”. The post title contained “Updated my blog with What I did this week!” followed by a short URL. I have been a bad blogger and Tweeter.

If you have visited my blog for the last few months, you will notice a lot of blog posts titled “What I did this week!”.  The post contained “Updated my blog with What I did this week!” followed by a short URL.

This is not an uncommon method of updating your blog with you Twitter Tweets for the week.

I have had several people leave comments about my blank Twitter updates, and I appreciate your feedback.  It’s good to know that people are coming here and at least trying to read my blog.

As you can see I have been a bad blogger.  I have all but stopped updating this blog, even after setting a goal back in December related to Blogging Consistency and Blogging Relationships .

I have failed miserably at that.

I have also been a bad Tweeter.  The reason my blog updates contained few Twitter updates is because I have been bad at tweeting consistently.

I know Twitter is hot right now, and I have a decent number of followers, I just haven’t seen the real value of Twittering.  I have even seen a study lately that indicated most Twitters ignore most Tweets by those they follow.

So, to correct the error of my ways, I have finally turned off the automatic weekly Twitter update to my blog.

I will also be blogging more.  They may be short blog posts, maybe just to say “hey, I’m still here”.  I won’t say they will be daily, two a week, or even weekly, but my hope is to update at least weekly.